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We’re cooking up new savings for you here at FLAP Stores… to be announced on the blog soon!

Futons Galore at FLAP Stores

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Clockwise from top left: Night & Day Sunrise Futon in Black WalnutNight & Day Key West Futon in White, Night & Day Raindrop Futon, Night & Day Siesta Futon in Natural, Night & Day Winchester Futon in Dark Chocolate, Night & Day Venice Futon in Dark Chocolate

One of the most popular items at FLAP Stores is the futon. Whether it’s in light wood or a more sophisticated black walnut, we see daily inquiries about ones to suit small apartments, transitional spaces, and guest rooms. If you don’t have a futon, then you might want to look into getting one: it’s the kind of space solution that makes any room just work better. Instead of having a guestroom that rarely gets turned over and doesn’t provide much flexibility, a futon can go from couch to bed — that’s perfect for a home office space, a den, or simply an extra room. A cozy futon isn’t the end of maximizing your space, either, with storage drawers providing the perfect amount of additional space for creative decorators making the most of every square foot.

Some of our favorite futons — you can call them our “FLAP futons of the week” — include the:

Night & Day Orchid Futon

Night & Day Corona Futon in Rosewood

Night & Day Sunrise Futon in Black Walnut

Night & Day Raindrop Futon in Natural


Note: The coupon code has now expired; stay tuned for the next one!

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